Meet The Team

Leon Bistro is the result of a collaborative effort by our editorial team, a collection of seasoned specialists who have come together to share their enthusiasm for delicious food and guide others through the world of cooking.

Our current team members are as follows:

Andrew Carter

Founder and Former Private Chef

After acquiring a professional culinary education at the Culinary institute of America, Andrew honed his culinary expertise by working in some of the most prestigious restaurants and catering companies, where he gained valuable experience in crafting delicious and visually stunning gourmet dishes.

Armed with this knowledge, in 2004, he established his own personal chef business, specializing in creating bespoke gourmet dinner parties.

His extensive experience and exceptional skills in the culinary arts make him a highly knowledgeable, authoritative, and trustworthy figure in the world of cooking.


Melanie Johnson

Recipes Expert

Melanie’s experience and expertise in the culinary world is truly impressive.

Her years of working as a chef in high-end restaurants have provided her with a deep understanding of the finer points of cooking, and she has honed her skills to perfection.

Her ability to work with a wide variety of ingredients and her creative approach to recipe development have made her a sought-after chef in the industry.

As a graduate of a prestigious culinary school, Melanie also has a strong foundation in the fundamentals of cooking, as well as a passion for teaching others.

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