Meet The Team

Leon Bistro is the result of a collaborative effort by our editorial team, a collection of seasoned specialists who have come together to share their enthusiasm for delicious food and guide others through the world of cooking.

Our current team members are as follows:

Andrew Carter

AndrewFounder and Chief Editor

Andrew’s passion for cooking dates back to his early childhood when his grandmother used to let him in on all her kitchen secrets. He especially enjoyed how a well-made meal could easily put a smile on people’s faces and understood since then that cooking was much more than a boring part of one’s daily routine. Growing up, Andrew’s life took a different route, but cooking remained an important part of his life and one of his main hobbies, to the point where he regularly attended cooking classes in the evening, after work. It was during one of these classes that Andrew realized how much he really wanted to turn his passion and his skills into a job.


Melanie Johnson

Contributing editorMelanie

Melanie has been a cook for over ten years and has ghostwritten for various websites and newspapers. She has always worked as a chef in high-end restaurants after graduating from culinary school and has taught cooking seminars around the country. Melanie established her own catering business in California and has been writing for Leon Bistro from its inception, bringing her years of knowledge to the table when it comes to ingredients, recipes, and culinary guidance.

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