October-December 2014


This will be a class to remember, with recipes youi will want to make again and again. Our Chef Ann Leon is a big fan of Fredy Girardet, widely considered the finest chef of the 20th Century. Through his cookbooks, he taught a generation of great chefs how to prepare a more simple and flavorful cuisine. Ann is eager to share some of his recipes that inspired her and show you how she has adapted them to fit our lifestyle, tastes and ingredients. It is the last class in 2014 and the 2015 schedule will be out in December. Classes have 15 or so people, price is $70/person with $10 for wine/beer pour. Arrive at 6:30 sharp (class runs til 9). Bring an appetite.


As in former years, we will be serving a traditional Thanksgiving turkey dinner at Leon Bistro on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday evenings, Nov. 26, 28 and 29. We will be closed Thanksgiving Day for our family celebration, but look forward to serving you the same wonderful, comfort food the rest of the week.


ORDER YOUR TURKEY GRAVY—INCLUDING A GREAT GLUTEN-FREE GRAVY! Our Chef has perfected what she thinks is an excellent gluten-free gravy. She’s been experimenting with different thickening ingredients and techniques for the past week, testing the results on staff who have had turkey and gravy for their evening meal. Finally, she has hit on the right ingredients and multi-step technique. You can taste it for yourself when you come into the restaurant for Thanksgiving dinner or when you order gravy for your dinner at home. We are selling the regular and the non-gluten gravy for $8 pint and $15 quart. It is thick, so you can thin it to the serving consistency you prefer. You can also order a turkey dinner for your family and friends. Just call and tell us what you would like.


We hope you will have a happy, safe Halloween. We will be closed that evening (Oct. 31) but will be open Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday of that week. We like to leave downtown for the revellers.


Our Chef and the staff of Leon Bistro are deeply grateful for your support of her and the restaurant.
We are the happy recipients of Best Chef—Ann Leon (fourth year in a row), Best Restaurant for
Fine Dining, 2nd Place—Leon Bistro, and Best Restaurant, 3rd Place—Leon Bistro. They are distinctions that mean a great deal to us because they come from our customers, whom we always strive to please. Thank you.
Written by Joan Leon




Weddings, Receptions at Leon Bistro

Our Wine Room is just the right size for an intimate wedding, a wedding rehearsal dinner, or a wedding or baby shower. You can reserve the Wine Room any evening or afternoon, even on a day when we are normally closed. The entire restaurant is also available for a special event. Give us a call for information and menu suggestions.


A photo of our most recent Paleo cooking class — in the Wine Room.



Cooking Class in the Kitchen at

Leon Bistro


Gift Baskets

What better gifts for your favorite chef than a gift certificate for a cooking class, or a gift basket filled with the very special sauces, oils and concentrates that we use all the time at Leon Bistro.  You can build your own basket or pick up one already assembled at the restaurant.       When you make your choice, remember that most of the products are very fresh and must be kept in the refrigerator, so make room for the entire basket the frig or do the final assembly yourself before gifting it.  The oils and vinaigrette, however, will keep, and can even be shipped (ask us about shipping costs).  Here is a list of items for your gift baskets.

  ● Thai Green Curry Aioli–Fresh herbs, a mix of spices, lemon juice, pasteurized egg, olive oil, Worcestershire sauce and garlic.                       8 or 16 oz ($7-$14) Perishable.

● Demi Glace–The secret to all good meat sauces. made from the trim of meats and vegetables and cooked slowly until it reaches a syrup consistency.  8 or 16 oz, ($12-$20) Perishable

Balsamic Vinaigrette–Our own recipe and a great favorite of customers. 250 ml or 500 ml. ($7-$14)

● Dipping Oil–The dipping sauce we serve every night and the base of our marinades for meats and vegetables. 250 ml or 500 ml ($7-$14)

● Bacon-Onion Marmalade–The secret ingredient that makes our pizza better than any you have ever tasted. Great as a condiment with hamburgers and grilled meats or to spread on sandwiches.  Sends our Paleo-diet friends to Heaven. 8 or 16 ozl ($12-$18) Perishable

● Fig-Onion Marmalade–For those who don’t eat bacon. A similar taste. 8 or 16 oz ($12-$18). Perishable

● Caesar Dressing–The pure thing, no embellishments or chemicals, just olive oil, lemon juice, eggs (pasteurized), salt, cayenne, capers and Parmesan cheese. 8 oz or 16 oz ($7-$14) Perishable.

● House-made Basil Oil–Olive oil and basil, when properly steeped together, create an incredibly fresh taste that is ideal for your salads and to nap your fish or vegetable entree just before serving.  250 ml or 500 ml ($7-$14).

Candied Walnuts–a perfect garnish for your salads.  $5

Wycliff Champagne–a great value available only from Leon Bistro. $16

● St. Peter’s Gluten-Free Beer–Definitely the best we’ve tasted. Brewed in Suffolk, England.  A rare treat. $9 bottle

Leon Bistro Gift Certificate — Any amount.
Suggested Baskets (may be available at Leon Bistro and our booth at the Wednesday Farmers Market)

$15. The basics: Balsamic Vinaigrette & Dipping Oil (add Champagne $30)

$24. Small Chef’s Special: Demi-Glace, Bacon-Onion Marmalade (add Champagne $40)

$25. Salad Makings: Balsamic Vinaigrette, Caesar Dressing, Basil Oil, Candied Walnuts

$40. Large Chef’s Special: Demi-Glace, Bacon-onion Marmalade, Basil Oil, Thai Green Curry Aioli, Candied Walnuts                             (add Champagne $55)

$42. Our Vegetarian/Non-Gluten Basket: Fig-Onion Marmalade, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Candied Walnuts, two                             and 2 bottles of St. Peter’s Gluten-Free Beer  $70. One of Everything Made by Leon Bistro

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