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*Please alert your server to any allergies you may have so we can make sure your visit is as enjoyable as possible.


*Sample Menu — Menu changes frequently


Starter Specials:


*Eggplant Napoleon: Comanche Creek Farms Panko encrusted globe eggplant, sweet one hundred tomato
and honey white corn vinaigrette, babaganouj, toasted feta and sweet basil, $15

*Grilled Organic Nectarines: Gorgonzola butter, bacon-onion marmalade, balsamic syrup, $12

*Oven-Roasted Cauliflower Fonduta: Organic roasted cauliflower with five-cheese fonduta sauce, topped with bacon-onion marmalade and parmesan cheese, $10

*Bistro Brussels: Marinated brussel sprouts, oven roasted, topped with bacon-onion marmalade, $10

*Blue Point Oyster Shooters: Served with cocktail sauce and mignonette sorbet, $3 each

*BBQ Blue Point Oysters: Herbs, garlic, housemade barbeque sauce, $5 each

*Alaskan Halibut Cakes, remoulade and green goddess sauce, $15

*Maywood Farms grilled figs or Comanche Creek Farms, Goldbud Nectarines: gorgonzola butter, bacon-onion marmalade, balsamic syrup, $12


*Soups: Bowl $8, Cup $4 (ask your server)

*Dungeness Crab Cakes, with avocado cream and Nectarine coulis $16

Crab Fonduta: Herbed mascarpone cheese, with sundried tomatoes, fried onions, and fresh           Dungeness crab. Served with house-made crostini, $20erb Vinaigrette, Aioli $12

Mushroom Fonduta: Five-cheese fonduta sauce, mixed wild mushrooms and toasted crumbs served with house-made crostini, $12

Wild Calamari, lightly-fried with cornmeal and spices, lemon/caper sauce, topped with parmesan   $12


Soups and Salads

*Soups: Bowl $8, Cup $4 (ask your server)

*House Salad: mixed greens, Fuji Apples, candied walnuts, carrots, pickled onions, bleu cheese,      Stilton-honey crouton, balsamic vinaigrette. Regular  $8,  Large $12

*Caesar Salad: Romaine hearts, garlic croutons, parmesan cheese, Caesar dressing. Anchovies on request.  Regular $9,  Large $13.  With chicken or calamari  $5 additional

*Paleo Sweet Potato Chips: $5


Entrée Specials:


*Llano Secco Pork Shank: Creamy anson mills polenta, garnet yam, vegetables, feta, $38

*Chicken Curry: Thai style, red curry made with coconut milk, served with basmati rice and a spicy
cucumber salad, $26

*Yellow Fin Ahi Tuna: Sesame encrusted tuna steak, seared raw, wasabi mash, caper sauce, wasabi cream,
ginger, $35

*Bradley Ranch Lamb Burger: Pomegranate aioli, feta, pickled onions, feta, blackberry BBQ, $18

* Grass-Fed Ribeye Steak: Bacon-onion marmalade, wild mushroom butter, sauce au poivre, $40



*Grass-Fed American Rack of Elk, Yukon/yam mash, blackberry demi-glace $45.

Surf & Turf 5 oz Hanger Steak/Wild Fish of the Day, Yukon/yam mash, beans, with demi-glace on       steak and béarnaise sauce on fish $35.

*Turri Farms Grilled 10 oz Hanger Steak, Yukon mash, peppercorn demi-glace  $30.

*Llano Secco Stuffed Pork Chop: 12 oz. w/ Gruyere, onions, basil, apple, Yukon/yam mash, balsamic cream $30

Wild Fish of the Day, Artichoke-encrusted, with yam mash, white beans, veggies, & Thai green                      aioli,  $30.

*Seasonal Vegetable Sampler, root veggies, lentils, beans, polenta & the rest from the farm  $24.

*Wild Calamari Steak, Abalone-style, lemon-caper wild mushroom sauce, veggies, yam mash $26.

*Parmesan Chicken, Yukon/yam mash, Hollandaise, veggies,  $24




*Elk Burger: ½ lb. Locally-raised, grass-fed Elk, pickled onions, blackberry bbq sauce, feta, choice of side, $18

*Chico Burger: ½ lb. Locally-raised Kobe/Wagyu beef, bacon-onion marmalade, Cowgirl fried egg,
stuffed with jalapeno queso fresco, choice of side, $18

*Leon Burger, ½ lb. Locally-raised Kobe/Wagyu beef, cheddar cheese ring, choice of side, $14

*Side Orders: Fresh organic vegetables, Yukon fries or sweet potato fries $5, bacon- onion marmalade $5


*Gluten-free bread available, add $1

*These dishes may be made Gluten-free/Paleo upon request/for additional charge of $2(st)/$4(entree)

**Any substitutions to menu will be charged an additional $2 (see server)

Split plate charge $5; bring your own cake $2 per person; corkage 750ml $15, magnum $25;

Parties of 6 or more will have a 18% gratuity added.



Dessert Sampler Plate $12                             Chocolate Torte $8                                        

Paleo Mousse   $8                                                Crisp w/Vanilla Ice Cream   $8                   

Sorbet /Gelato Sampler $10                          Bread Pudding, Crème Chantilly  $8

Ice Cream Sundae w/chocolate, caramel, or strawberry sauce, topped with whipped cream, nuts and a cherry  $8               


Split plate charge $5; bring your own cake $2 per person; corkage $15; magnum $25,


                                                                              Children’s Menu



Soups: Cup $4 (ask your server)

Calamari, lightly-fried with cornmeal and spices, lemon/caper sauce—half portion–$6

House Salad, mixed greens, Fuji Apples, candied walnuts, carrots, pickled onions, bleu cheese, Stilton-honey crouton,  balsamic        vinaigrette. Small $5


All Entrees on Regular Menu—half-price for child’s portion

Macaroni and Cheese, our house made-to- order, with five cheeses, toasted buttered bread crumbs, fruit garnish   $8

Organic Chicken Tenders, house made-to-order, fruit garnish   $8

Leon Burger, 1/3 pound Kobe/Wagyu Beef, Cheddar cheese ring   $8

Cheese or chicken enchiladas,  $8


Fresh Organic vegetables,  $4

Yukon fries,  $4

Sweet Potato fries, $4

Onion rings,  $7  


Milk,  $2.00

Juices, Orange, Apple, Sparkling Apple, Cranberry, Tomato, Lemonade (organic)    $2.00

Sodas, Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Root Beer, Fanta Orange, Mr. Pibb                  $2.00


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