Greek Cuisine – Tuesday, April 22nd

Greek cuisine is Mediterranean in style and substance but differs from other countries in  its  use of many of the flavors and techniques of Middle Eastern cuisines.  These include extensive use of olive oil, vegetables and herbs, honey and nuts as well as lamb, poultry, rabbit and pork.


Spanish Cuisine Tuesday, May 6th

An evening’s tour of Spanish cuisine, an approach to cooking and eating that is very compatible with our lifestyle, tastes, and locally grown food. The Mediterranean region is similar in agriculture and climate to ours, and so it seems natural to include its cuisine in our dining repertoire.  We’ll discuss their preferred  ingredients and cooking techniques and show you how to make tapas, paella and other famed Spanish dishes.


Ethnic Sauces Tuesday, May 13th

We’ve offered several classes on the mother sauces of Escoffier, but now it’s time to focus on some that are ethnic specialties—sauces that reflect the distinctive heritage and agriculture of a specific area. We’ll look around the world and make dishes with sauces such as Chimichum (Argentina), Romesco (Catalan region of Spain) and others. Each is quite different in ingredients and technique from the mother sauces, but they are all delicious, and will add a special touch to your meals.


Vegan Class Tuesday, May 27th

For our friends who have elected a vegan diet and everyone else who would like to explore ways to prepare delicious vegetables and grains. We’ll focus on vegetables that are available in the Farmers’ Market right now, as well as legumes and meat substitutes. You’ll leave this class saying that you never thought plant-based food could be so yummy! No need to be on a vegan diet to enjoy these healthy dishes. You’ll be delighted at how delicious and satisfying these combinations of ingredients can be.


Thai-Vietnamese Class Tuesday, June 10th

A favorite cuisine, using lots of fresh vegetables from the summer garden, as well as poultry and meat. Naturally low fat and healthy.


Ethnic Street Foods Tuesday, June 17th

Just in time for summer dining, the distinctive and delicious dishes that are great favorites in parts of Asia, Mexico, and elswhere. Easy to make at home, with all the ingredients in the farmers’ market or local specialty grocers. A bright change of pace!


All Classes  –   6:30–9:00 pm

$60. / person.             Alcoholic beverages $10. extra

A special offer for our Cooking Class attendees

We have many customers who come to multiple classes and we’d like to thank you for your interest and offer you a discount for the future.  For every 6 classes you attend—from April on—we’ll give you one free.  That’s equivalent to a $10 discount per class.

(It doesn’t include the wine and beer since that is optional anyway.)

Sound enticing?  We hope so. This offer will be good indefinitely. So check out our list of classes and anticipate even more offerings in coming months. For more information on the classes, check our website. We also invite you to tell us topics you would like us to cover.

Happy Cooking!

Please call to make your reservation, or make it when you visit Leon Bistro

817 Main St.


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